Green Hosting Solutions

100% renewable energy
Energy optimized servers
Carrier class datacenter security
24/24 – 7/7 Monitoring
Uptime guarantee

Software as a service

We offer a wide range of Software as a Service. You need WordPress, Drupal, Jahia or a blog system, CMS, collaboration tool or community tool of your choice? We provide the hardware and system administration, you use the online administration tool.

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Dedicated Servers

You need one or many dedicated servers for you resource-rich and/or redundant dedicated hosting ? We provide as little as just the hardware or connectivity or as much as full system administration.

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Cloud hosting

Your requirements are variable or slowly growing ? We offer Openstack based cloud hosting which is compatible with the major cloud technologies of the market.

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Green Hosting

Which technology for which project ? Which network technology and configuration ? Which application setup and configuration ? We offer our recommendations based on 15 years of experience in Internet technology.

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We believe that high quality service is essential for maximum availability of our clients websites. In an environment managed by us, our expertise allows us to guarantee not only the presence of the server but also availability of the website, important for many critical applications such as e-commerce, brand sites and advertising campaigns.

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With all our servers hosted in a “carrier class” data center, 15 years of experience in security management of information systems as well as our daily backups included in our offers, we guarantee the highest level of security in all 3 domains:

  • Physical security
  • Application security
  • Data security

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